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Why Should You Choose PetStarz?

We are tackling the hard issues within the pet industry!

At PetStarz, we are a dynamic and innovative startup on a mission to revolutionize the pet industry. Our vision is to create a groundbreaking SaaS online platform that transforms the way people source pets—ethically and safely. We believe in the power of responsible pet ownership and the profound impact it has on the lives of both humans and their pets.

As PetStarz embarks on this journey, it's important to acknowledge that the challenges in the pet industry are complex and multifaceted and it will take time and dedication to ensure the well-being, ethical treatment, and responsible ownership of pets. However, our commitment to uniting various stakeholders, enhancing transparency, and providing valuable resources is a testament to our dedication to driving positive change. 

The Problems

The PetStarz Solutions

Only platform to bring Shelters, Rescue Orgs and Breeders together to give you the largest selection of pets on the Canadian market!

Largest pet species listing from Dogs --> Bugs!

PetStarz does all the supplier research for you! Giving you the information needed for an educated decision on Suppliers meeting your ethical standards!

Petstarz helps you through protecting yourself and any Fraudulent & Unethical Behavior Reporting processes to make sure your voice is heard!